PROTECH SG Sports was incorporated in Singapore on the premise of our passion and dedication to "Provide exceptional quality badminton shuttlecocks to our customers". We believe that only by providing high quality products will we be able to assist players to better enjoy the game without having to put up with the frustration of inconsistent shuttlecock performance.

Over the last decade, we have dedicated ourselves to cater to the demand for high quality badminton shuttlecocks. Our best selling products include PT - Tournament, PT - 10, PT - Premium and PT - 20 shuttlecocks because of their consistent flight pattern, speed and durability.

We are always seeking to further improve the quality of our shuttlecocks through continuous research and testing of our products. We maintain the high quality of our shuttlecocks through rigorous implementation of strict quality controls and by specially choosing only the best matching feathers for their manufacture. All our shuttlecocks are tested for flight consistency, stability, and speed prior to packaging. Players using our shuttlecock are able to control and play delicate drop shots and smashes without undue durability concerns.

Our stringent product quality controls ensure our customers receive only the best. As a result of our focus on quality, our products remain a strong favorite among professionals and amateurs across Asia and Europe.